A software led consultancy that helps brands optimize their entire marketing ecosystem.

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Promontory helps brands to use the full potential of big data in the connected age. “It helps marketers see and manage the marketing ecosystem from a view.”

Topographic maps visualizes the whole from a view.

All digital data are represented by using a binary number that uses zeros and ones.

Product Logos Design Inspiration

“Connected: in the broadest sense, we're talking about the connected world, where we have immediate, unrestricted access to ideas, information and people.” A topographic profile map provides a cross sectional view of an area, that allows us to explore deep inside.


A Swiss designer and typographer, Felix Arnold, created Cisalpin during the late 1990s. It was a contemporary typeface for cartography. Very legible at small sizes. Linear sans serif face, with slight resemblance to renaissance serif types.

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