Logitech Presentation
Tech company, Logitech, provided funding to the Academy of Art University for a project during the Spring semester of 2013. “Students from separate majors will create a hangable art concept for Logitech's office… that celebrates the Logitech product legacy and serve to inspire employees and management alike.” I was the organizer and moderator for the Advertising and Graphic Design departments' presentation to Logitech. I also created the work that represented the Advertising department and some of the work for the Graphic Design department. The lead instructor for these two departments was my teacher, Roland Young.

Introduction to the Hypercube
At the beginning of the semester, Roland introduced the concept of the hypercube to his classes by asking each student to build an actual hypercube. As we rotate the hypercube, we can see that it casts a shadow that appears in different sizes and distortions depending on the angle of perspective. The hypercube asks us what is “true” reality when we investigate the shape of the hypercube and the shadow it casts. It refers to the Aboriginal beliefs of “dreamtime”.

The following is a series of explorations that show the student's own perspectives of reality through the hypercube.

Kinetic Art inspired by the Hypercube
The explorations of the hypercube helped us trigger a new graphic sense of presenting an idea which was used to create the following artworks and designs.

In mathematics and science, the hypercube is a symbol for the 4th dimension. Actually, the hypercube represents 21st century ideas. Ideas such as anti-gravity or using spider silk to make body armor. Just yesterday (at the time of the presentation), two men were arrested for arming a van with a death ray. Also most recently on March 14, 2013, scientists at CERN confirmed the existence of the God Particle. In order for Logitech to stay relevant in the future and create new products, it must embrace new ideas, 21st century ideas. Therefore, we believe that Logitech should consider in rebranding themselves.

As it stands now, Logitech was a good start, but we are quickly ascending into a new world, a new dimension. “Logi” and “tech” are words that belong in another era. The golden ratio or the divine proportion is never-ending, never-repeating. It is best approximated by the famous Fibonacci numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, … Timeless. Logitech Dimension brings the future to us today, now. Next is Now.
Update: Two years later, Logitech rebrands to “Logi”. techtimes.com

The new logo also represents the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle at CERN's Large Hadron Collider, confirmed recently (at the time of the presentation) on March 14, 2013. The Higgs Boson particle, also nicknamed as the “God Particle,” will lead us to new inventions in nanotechnology, advances in medicine, and time travel with the help of quantum physics.

New Product Applications
The following videos are some examples how LD can apply their new branding to their future and current products.

LD Eyes
A collaboration between LD, Google, and Ray-Ban to redesign the hardware for Google Glass software.
Update: One year later, Google partners with Ray-Ban, Oakley for new Glass designs. nbcnews.com

Understand Each Other Campaign
Originally, Logitech named their line of music products Ultimate Ears (UE). I proposed that a better name would be Understand Each Other.

Music is a part of every culture across the world. We can use it to overcome language barriers and understand each other. LD embraces this idea to create a campaign for their line of UE sound products. By using low-cost and efficient materials such as ABS plastic, LD can create musical instruments accessible for everyone around the world.

Hangable Art
The presentation concludes with a video of the art installation for LD's reception area.

Orginal Presentation Introduction
This was cut from the final presentation due to time constraints.

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