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Meets the Frugal Shoppers

Frugal shoppers choose to spend money wisely. They make sure that they're getting the most out of every penny. Frugal shoppers enjoy the hunt for the best deal. In fact, they conduct extensive research before making any purchases and never make impulse buys. Especially when purchasing one of life's biggest expenses — a new car.

Before we continue, we would like to let our frugal shoppers know that there is an indicator at the bottom of the page that tells them how much time they've spent here. That way, they can better manage the electricity used for their home computer or mobile device.

So what does Kia have to offer to the frugal shopper?

The Kia Rio.

Living a frugal life means embracing the details that can affect spending. The Kia Rio offers plenty of fine details to appreciate.

Being frugal also means letting go of the excess, removing the redundant, and sparing the superfluous.

Since the Kia Rio offers more standard equipment than competitors of its class, Kia decided to give frugal shoppers the opportunity to remove any of them. Frugal shoppers can choose which standard equipment that they don't need, and Kia will take their value off from the car's sticker price.

Kia presents the Simple Car Sales Event.

Base Price: $13,600.00

Total Cost:

This event is only for a limited period, so don't waste time. As a matter of fact, don't waste gas either. Kia will personally drive a Kia Rio to frugal shoppers' front doors for a test drive.

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