The concept of health and disease in ancient medicine was based on the five polyhedral solids, the five cosmic elements, and the healing powers of gemstones, crystals and sacred geometry. These teachings lasted for two thousand years until the birth of the Renaissance period. Since then, scientists began to eliminate the traditional views that governed medicine; now thoroughly discredited. FEAWÆ Inc. embraces these forgotten medicine philosophies and brings them back into the modern world of medicine today.

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Medicine Information (Virtual Interface)

With the blink of an eye, your lens will connect you to the Internet, pulling up prescription drug information. Another blink, you can order refills and look for the nearest pharmacy to you. According to theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, in the near future, glasses and contact lens will be able to shoot images directly to the retina of our eyes. Lenses that will add a layer of interactive, rich information over our visual landscape. All directly controlled by the power of thought.

The FEAWÆ application can be activated instantly when one's eye focuses onto the package.

Packaging Inspiration

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The five polyhedral solids were first found carved in stone that date back to the Neolithic Times around 2000 BCE. It is believed that these primal shapes allow us to access the healing and nurturing aspects of ourselves. Classical Greek philosopher, Plato arranged these solids in the order of increasing geometric complexity, which is identical to the principles of molecular and cellular growth in science today. The Periodic Table of the Elements is organized around these same five geometric shapes as well. Plato also reasoned that the five elements of the cosmos came in the forms of these solids based on their physical appearance and characteristics; Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Æther.

Packaging Colors
Far-eastern thought believed that the human body was governed by the interrelationships of five cosmic elements; Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky (Æther). Each element represented functions of specific organs. Keeping a balance between these elements was essential to maintaining good health. Coincidently, the creative order of the eastern elements mirrors Plato's hierarchy of geometric complexity. In addition, the colors Plato used to represent each of the five polyhedral solids were similar to the east.

On the other hand, various cultures throughout history embraced gemstones and crystals for their metaphysical and physical benefits to mind, body and spirit. Different gemstones and crystals are traditionally associated with the five different elements of nature as mentioned before.

Packaging Textures
Sacred geometry is the study of natural patterns, ratios, and shapes which all matter in the world and cosmos are based on. Ancient mystery schools also taught that sacred geometry was a key to expand human spiritual awareness and to heal the physical body. Healing can be facilitated by using the metaphysical energy of mandalas, geometric art, and the five polyhedral solids.

Packaging Typography
The Flower of Life is a sacred geometrical figure. A visual expression of the connections of all life beings. Depictions of the five polyhedral solids are found within the Flower of Life pattern.


Packaging exploration. Handmade polyhedral solids, laser printed on metallic satin paper.

Color exploration.

Typography projected on to packaging.

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